Mobile advertising through SMS content and notifications.

Does your company send SMS notifications? Inuvi supplies ads that you can append to them. We use the space left over at the end of A2P (application-to-person) SMS services to deliver ads targeted by whatever information you have available. Since our ads fill leftover space, this means no SMS delivery cost to advertisers, no unwanted messages sent to consumers, and new revenue streams for any company that sends notifications and content by SMS.

Current SMS Service Opportunities

The following SMS publishers are either currently working with Inuvi or have expressed interest in finding advertisers through Inuvi. If you are an advertiser and would like more information, please send email to

Flight notifications (Middle East & international)

The travel agency division of this Middle Eastern travel group sends SMS notifications to customers when their tickets are issued, flights are changed, etc. They offer targeting by origin (country, city, airport), destination, booking class, days until departure, and booking language (Arabic or English). Advertisers using this service include a mobile app-based taxi service and an international luxury hotel chain.

Bus/mass transit schedule info (North America)

This transit services company provides SMS-based real-time bus schedules in major metropolitan areas across the U.S. and Canada. They can provide hyper-local targeting of commuters and other mass transit users.

Are you a SMS publisher/service provider looking for advertisers? Send an email to We will add your service to this page and connect you with advertisers interested in your traffic.

Current Advertisers

The following advertisers are either working with Inuvi or have expressed interest in Inuvi. If your company sends SMS notifications and would like more information about these advertisers, please send an email to

Mobile App-Based Taxi (International)

This international company provides a taxi service facilitated by mobile apps. They are looking for SMS notifications relevant to people who might need a taxi; for example, SMS flight notifications that indicate the user will need transportation to or from an airport.

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